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Malcolm Mooi


Visionary, Challenger, Innovator, Oddball 

Malcolm is a social entrepreneur with a purpose and passion for unlocking opportunities and unleashing human potential. He is the Founder & CEO of Marvel Technologies, the Dr CL Smith Foundation, MyDigiVault and several other ventures. Malcolm hails from “Rivaks” Riverlea in Johannesburg, South Africa and can best be described as a seasoned business executive meets awkward teenager - his ambition and progress in life and business is paved with moments of brilliance and comical absurdity.


Public speaking is not something I've given much thought about or aspired to. But in as much as my life and journey has unfolded, me being a reluctant participate, the universe keeps persisting with opportunities to take stage. Some nudges are passive, like going into meetings where people appear more interested to hear about my journey than the set agenda, often ending with "Hey, have you ever thought about speaking engagements?". Others are push-me-off-a-cliff moments like start-up competitions or pitching to potential investors. In more recent times, the achievement of published author also presents opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and take stage. My approach to public speaking is to customize the talk on a case by case basis covering themes that span personal mastery, quantum physics, redefining success, how to stop time, technology is not the answer, the problem with innovation and why entrepreneurship can't be taught.